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From 3 to 15 days
- Square legs 4 x 4 cm

- 4 cm thick top with steel splashback

Stainless steel work table and upstand

Prompt delivery
€296.12 (Excl. Tax) €361.27 (Incl. Tax)
From 3 to 15 days
- CE standard
- Square legs
- Simple
- Without shelf
- Frame NOT included

Sink with base on sqaure legs AFP / INBX

Prompt delivery
€335.00 (Excl. Tax) €408.70 (Incl. Tax)
From 3 to 15 days
- Nr 1 tub with drainer
- Square legs
- Without shelf
- Without frame
- CE standard

Sink AFP / AMK13

Prompt delivery
€415.00 (Excl. Tax) €506.30 (Incl. Tax)
From 3 to 15 days
- Drawers under top

- 4 cm thick top

Stainless steel tables with hinged doors

Prompt delivery
€451.00 (Excl. Tax) €550.22 (Incl. Tax)
From 3 to 15 days
- N. 4 round plates

- Three-phase model

- Measurements cm l 60 xp 50 xh 29

- Standard ce

Professional electric cookers AFP / PC-2ET

Prompt delivery

Regular Price: €1,040.66

Special Price €736.00 (Excl. Tax) €897.92 (Incl. Tax)

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Today and tomorrow, we want to make the world of professional kitchens universally accessible to everyone. Imagine all the best manufacturers in a single online store. You will find some of the brands in our online catalog, where you can choose from over 54 companies with a total of 20,000 items available. But in the offline catalog, we have over 135 companies for a total of 120 thousand items available.


  • Bar furnishings

    How much does it cost to open a bar? Our wide range of complete and semi-finished bar furniture will help you to add full personality to your bar design: showcase fridge, Bar furniture, back counters and Bar counters

  • Low Cost Bakery

    Our bakery furnishing catalog will include traditional and modern furnishings: ready-to-deliver furniture, back counters and customizable display cabinets. You will receive our professional advice to open a bakery and make it unique.

  • Bar Equipment

    Our wide range of bar equipment will help you add professional bar items to your business: juicers, blenders, fry tops, centrifuges etc. We will provide you with examples of 'business Plan bar' to manage your business in a professional manner.

  • Furnishings and Ice-cream Machines

    What do you need to set up an ice cream shop? Our equipment for ice cream will help you get the full professionalism of your laboratory: conservatories, counters, ice cream makers, filling machines, cookers, etc. We will always provide new machines exclusively for Italian gelato.

  • Butcher's shop Equipment

    Our assortment of butcher's equipment will guarantee you to reach the right competence for your kitchen: refrigerated counters, cold storage units, professional slicers, meat grinders, bone saws, and sausage machines. We will add new professional butcher tools to our catalog every year.

  • Bakery Equipment

    How to open a bakery without money? Our wide selection of bakery equipment will help you achieve the professionalism of your business: kneading machine, forming machine, retarder-proofing system, industrial oven for bread etc. We will guarantee you the best tools for bakeries to make your laboratory unique.

  • Pastry Equipment

    Our wide range of pastry equipment will make your desserts unique: sheeters, planetary machines, ovens, work tables, refrigerators and fryers. You can use our professional advice to open a bakery in a few simple steps.

  • Pizza Equipment

    How to set up an Italian pizzeria? Our range of pizzeria equipment will assist all processing cycles to make your laboratory unique. Our technical assistance will help you to quickly purchase kitchen accessories.

  • Catering Equipment

    Our range of professional kitchens will allow you to reach the full competence for your restaurant kitchen: hobs, lava stone grids, bratt pans, ceramic hobs, gas, and electric kitchens, etc. We will always add new professional equipment exclusively Italian.